About Us

Wave FM has been created for the love of music by Manny Pereira. Wave FM targets a broad consumer base and those who influence the market trends. The station is design to focus on the 10 to 80 year old listener.

What listeners can expect is a clean, clutter free radio station with a true emphasis on the music. The mix itself is a fusion of Hip Hop, new releases, oldies, upcoming artist and Reggae. With limited commercial breaks and reduced talk, you can truly enjoy a radio station that surpasses your musical expectations.

We have attempted to perfect the formula to create a clean sound on the airwaves and satisfy our listeners and clients. We deliver results and add value to our client’s promotions, and to top it off we deliver to an audience with the spending power.

You may ask yourself why Radio???

  • Radio can reach on the go consumers
  • Radio allows you to establish a special relationship with consumers
  • Radio’s unique formats allow you to target your best prospects
  • Radio reaches prospects closest to the point of purchase
  • Radio can bridge the gaps left by other media options
  • Radio is king for establishing top of mind awareness

You may further ask yourself Why Wave FM…. Here’s a little insight

  • Wave FM is local Radio done right
  • Wave FM has been consistent with its format
  • Wave FM is promotionally active
  • Wave FM does consistent business

Wave FM is a radio station broadcasting to the cities of South Africa and around the world. The online station broadcasts a mixed music format 24 hours a day, 7 days a week